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71BRGroup 300x225 BRRRUNCH and BRRROTHThere’s no getting around it.  Toronto in February is COLD.  Granted, this winter (so far) has been relatively mild, with little snow.  But then there is that occasional day that turns your nose red, your fingertips white, and you just want to curl into a ball and roll yourself under a rug…

Well, I have a couple of suggestions to ease the pain if you’re shivering with the BRRRs….

If it’s on the weekend, consider a cozy brrrunch.  Food critic Joanne Kates recently named her 3 top new brunch spots: The Saint, at 227 Ossington Ave.; Rose and Sons, at 176 Dupont St.; and Café Boulud, at 60 Yorkville Ave.  If you’d like some music with your eggs, there are some great hangouts that serve up great toons, depending on your mood:

For Bluegrass, you have a choice between The Gladstone Hotel’s Melody Bar (1214 Queen St. W.) and the Dakota (249 Ossington Ave)

For Rockabilly, Dominion on Queen (500 Queen St.E.)

For Klezmer, the famed “Bella! Did Ya Eat” Jewish-inspired buffet at Free Times Café (320 College St.)

And for Heavy Metal (?!), the “Black Metal Brunch” at Graffiti’s Bar& Grill (170 Baldwin St.)

To warm up during the week, consider a bowl of brrroth at one of the City’s noodle joints.  Ramen shops seem to be the “hot” new trend for 2013, and some of the best places to jump on this Japanese train include:

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka at 91 Dundas St. E.

Sansotei at 179 Dundas St. W.

Kinton Ramen at 51 Baldwin St.

A-OK Foods at 930 Queen St. W

Ramen Raijin at 3 Gerrard St. E. (right next to the Delta Chelsea, where I work!  icon wink BRRRUNCH and BRRROTH

Now that I have done my civic duty and told you were to eat, allow me to totally digress…the only connection being that brunch and broth both start with “BR”, also the initials of my favourite Canadian band, Blue Rodeo.  Just wanted to wish these amazing fellas a “Happy 25th Anniversary”, which they celebrated at a pair of shows in beautiful Massey Hall (everyone’s favourite concert venue) this past weekend.  I was privileged to be there….love these guys (see photo)

And one final digression…the only connection being that Blue Rodeo is a member of the performing arts community….just wanted to congratulate this community – and City Hall for actually doing the right thing for a change (don’t get me started), as Toronto just approved a 4 year plan to increase Toronto’s yearly arts investment by $17.5 million.  Mayor Rob Ford (REALLY don’t get me started) made the announcement at an event last week.

Keep Warm,

Mr. Toronto

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